What is sketch!stockholm?

photo of Nina

"To sketch is to see"

With sketch!stockholm, I want to share with you a mindful way of seeing the world around us.

When we travel, we often take so many photos of the places we visit, without actually looking at them with our own eyes. When you sketch, however, you need to pay close attention to what you have in front of you. You become conscious of small details and your memories of the place will be more meaningful and last longer.

Therefore I invite you to come sketch with me!

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Open Eyes Art

I am a self-taught artist living in Stockholm, and just as with my sketching tours, I also aim to Open Eyes with my artwork. Drawing and painting are a way to focus and see the world in all its detail and reality. Art opens our eyes to our surrounding, often to see things as they are for the first time.

Have a look at my artwork on my website, www.open-eyes-art.com

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